President's Message
Joe Puleo

Thank You For Electing Us Back Into Office

Thank all to all our members who voted in the recent Local 983 Election and returned us to office. Your overwhelming support is a sign that you have placed your trust in us and appreciate everything we have done for you while we’ve been in office. We also thank the Election Committee for their hard work and diligence in what was a long process.

This was the first election where members had multiple ways of voting — in person, online, and via telephone. It successfully allowed easier access for members outside of midtown Manhattan to vote.

We have a lot of changes coming — all positive steps to make us even more accessible than we have been in the past. Last year, we redesigned and improved our website, implemented the Local 983 Union Strong Mobile App, and started utilizing an email blast system, all to keep you more aware of union news. Be sure you have signed up for everything so you stay in the know. You can do this all via our website at

We are diligently working on settling all our contracts and making sure you get your raises soon. We are planning lunchtime meetings for members with Officers, more ways to reach your representatives, and emailing out monthly updates.

On behalf of my entire team, thank for you the overwhelming support you have shown us.

Degree Programs
DC 37/CUNY Labor Certificate & Degree Programs

The DC 37 Education Fund has partnered with the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) to expand higher education opportunities to develop the next generation of union leaders. The Education Fund will cover tuition for four courses (up to 16 credits where applicable) in certificate and degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, excluding books and a one-time application fee required by CUNY. Eligible members may opt to participate in one of the following tracks:

•  Undergraduate Certificate in Labor Relations
•  Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Community Relations
•  Graduate Certificate in Labor Relations
•  Master’s Degree in Labor Studies

For information or to register to attend an information session,

Degree Programs
Uterine Cancer Now a Covered 9/11-Related Condition

Uterine cancer is now recognized as a 9/11-related cancer, giving affected women access to World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program and Victim Compensation Fund benefits, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced.


Uterine Cancer
Get the Money you Deserve for Overtime!

Local 983 is working with a Washington, D.C. law firm to recover damages for Local 983 members for overtime violations by the City. This firm has sued the City many times to recover money damages for overtime violations. Under the overtime law, each person must individually sign up to join the lawsuit. Don’t miss out!

To join, please complete the consent retainer found by clicking here.

Hiring Halls
Access Your FREE MEMBER BENEFITS Program Today!

Local 983 is here to save you money through exclusive deals and limited-time offers on the products, services and experiences you need and love. Check out "Working Advantage Member Benefits Program" on the benefits page to learn more.

Learn More >>

Hiring Halls
Hiring Halls

Looking for a career change?

Join DC 37 and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) at the following NYC Government hiring halls. Some City agencies plan to meet, interview, and hire on the spot. Others will have information on job openings and civil service tests for specific titles. Come dressed in business attire and bring multiple copies of your resume.

Thursday, May 20, Surrogates Court
31 Chambers St, New York, NY 1000

2023 Family Fun Day


Family Fun Day

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 20!
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DC 37 Settles Citywide Contract

Months of negotiations with the City of New York came to a close Friday, Feb. 7 when DC 37 finalized the terms of the citywide contract. The tentative deal, which now needs to be ratified by the membership, includes 3% annual raises for the first four years with 3.25% in the fifth year. The deal also includes a ratification bonus of $3,000 for employees active on the date the agreement is ratified.


Photo: Local 983 President Joe Puleo with NYC Office of Labor Relations Commissioner Renee Campion






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