Updated Payout Dates for UPRs/AUPRs

May 17, 2024: Local 983 was notified today of the following updates regarding payout dates for Urban Park Rangers (UPR) & Associate Urban Park Rangers (AUPR):
Bonus — 8/2/2024
Retro Pay & New Rate — 8/2/2024

Local 983 Fights to Save Parks Funding

Local 983 has rallied on the steps of City Hall and testified at a City Council hearing to reinstate $55 million in funding for parks to save more than 600 jobs. On Monday, May 20, President Joe Puleo and Vice President Ralph Baselice both testified at the City Council's Executive Budget hearing held by the Committee on Parks and Recreation and the Committee on Finance. The Council called for baselined restoration of funding for critical staff and programs for the Department of Parks and Recreation. Specifically, the Council urged baselined funding restorations to support the city parks workforce that has been reduced by the mayor’s budget cuts, threatening the maintenance of parks in neighborhoods across the city. The Council also called for investment into a new employment initiative that could fund seasonal Parks Department positions that help underemployed communities enter the workforce and strengthen the quality of city parks.

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Urban Park Ranger Test Prep Application - 2024

DC 37's Education Fund is holding exam prep classes for Urban Park Rangers. The filing period to apply for the exam is from June 5-25, 2024. This is an Open Competitive position, exam #4109.

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President Joe Puleo Appears on WBAI Labor Radio Show

President Joe Puleo was one of the guests on the WBAI Labor Radio show on May 21, where he answered questions about NYC budget cuts, reinstating funding for Parks, and saving hundreds of parks' jobs. He also addressed the City's 2-for-1 hiring system -- a death sentence for keeping staffing at levels that allow municipal workers to adequately keep New York City functioning.

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DCAS UPR Exam #4109 Filing Period

The filing period for DCAS; UPR Exam #4109 opens on June 5 and runs through June 25, 2024.

NYCERS Members, Your Annual Disclosure Statement (ADS) is Ready

Your ADS contains important information about your:
• NYCERS membership service
• Contributions, interest and estimated benefits
• Beneficiaries
And much more!

Your Annual Disclosure Statement is only available online in your MyNYCERS account.

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2024 Voter Registration Deadlines

Are you and your family all set to participate in the 2024 elections? You may register to vote online HERE or check the status of your voter registration HERE.

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Get the Money you Deserve for Overtime!

Local 983 is working with a Washington, D.C. law firm to recover damagers for Local 983 members for overtime violations by the City. This firm has sued the City many times to recover money damages for overtime violations. Under the overtime law, each person must individually sign up to join the lawsuit. Don’t miss out!

To join, please complete the consent retainer found by clicking here.

President's Message
Joe Puleo

Thank You For Electing Us Back Into Office

Thank all to all our members who voted in the recent Local 983 Election and returned us to office. Your overwhelming support is a sign that you have placed your trust in us and appreciate everything we have done for you while we’ve been in office. We also thank the Election Committee for their hard work and diligence in what was a long process.

This was the first election where members had multiple ways of voting — in person, online, and via telephone. It successfully allowed easier access for members outside of midtown Manhattan to vote.

We have a lot of changes coming — all positive steps to make us even more accessible than we have been in the past. Last year, we redesigned and improved our website, implemented the Local 983 Union Strong Mobile App, and started utilizing an email blast system, all to keep you more aware of union news. Be sure you have signed up for everything so you stay in the know. You can do this all via our website at local983.com.

We are diligently working on settling all our contracts and making sure you get your raises soon. We are planning lunchtime meetings for members with Officers, more ways to reach your representatives, and emailing out monthly updates.

On behalf of my entire team, thank for you the overwhelming support you have shown us.






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New York, NY 10041

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