Surgical Consult/NYC Healthline  1-800-521-9574

DC 37 2nd Surgical Opinion Program  (212) 815-1355

GHI Members: Employees and Medicare-ineligible retirees who are enrolled in GHI-C or GHI-CBP must call the city’s NYC healthline prior to any non-emergency hospitalization and if outpatient surgery at a hospital or surgical center is scheduled

In addition, if your doctor schedules certain non-emergency procedures in his/her office you must call Healthline prior to the procedure being performed.

Such procedures include any surgery of the foot, nose, eye, tonsils, adenoids, breast or knee and any procedure to correct a hernia or varicose vein. Call the 1-800 number to the left.

Members of any health plan can get a second opinion at no cost for any elective surgery from the DC 37 Second Surgical Opinion Program. Call the number to the left.

District Council 37 : DC 37

District Council 37

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