Right To Know for Employees

Overtime (Voluntary / Involuntary)

To: All DC-37 Members
From: Local 983
Dated: November 20, 2015
RE: Overtime (Voluntary / Involuntary)

This memo is being issued by the Local to clear up any confusion of how Overtime works. Under the Citywide contract Article IV section page 10.

(b) for those employees normal work week is less than forty (40) hours, any such ordered involuntary overtime worked between the maximum of that work week and forty (40) hours in any calendar week, shall be compensated in cash at straight time (1x). For employees granted a shortened work performed between thirty (30) and thirty-five (35) hours a week when such shortened schedule is in effect shall be granted at the rate of straight time (1x), but such work shall not be considered overtime.


c. Upon the written approval of an employee’s request by the agency head or designee, an employee who works ordered involuntary overtime shall have the option of being compensated in time off at the applicable rates provided in sections 3(a) and 3(b) provided that the exercise of such option does not violate the provisions of (FLSA).


d. There shall be no rescheduling of days off and/tours of duty to avoid the payment of overtime compensation. Any work performed on a scheduled day off shall be covered by this Article. e. Employees who are paid in cash or who are compensated in time at the rate of time and one-half (1 ½ ) for overtime pursuant to subsection c of this section or the Fair Labor Standards Act may not credit such time for meal allowance.


Section 4.

a. Authorized voluntary overtime which results in any employee working in excess of the employee’s normal work week in any calendar week shall be compensated in time off at the rate of straight time (1x).

One Simple way to Remember:
Voluntary Overtime it’s Comp Time.
Involuntary Overtime it’s paid in Cash

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